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Contact Lauri

Lauri Olsen is the director of the GGCC and can be reached at: or (406)-539-4865.

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About Lauri

    Lauri Olsen has been an active member of Willing Workers Ladies Aid since 1995.  Her husband, Russ, was active in the construction of the center, and both Russ and Lauri were on the first board of directors and Russ is still on call for repairs and maintenance.

    Lauri serves as the Gallatin Gateway Community Center Manager, a role she took on over 20 years ago and can’t seem to shake.   She enjoys sharing the space and helping clients through the booking process when planning their celebrations and events.

    One of Lauri’s contributions to WWLA has been her involvement in the annual play, auction, and raffle. Lauri has written & directed epic productions including Gateway’s Got Talent, Saturday Night Live, Hee Haw, Yellowstone National Park, Robin Hood, and most recently Back To The Future.  Her favorite part of the play process is the rehearsals with a great cast which includes veteran and novice actors alike, adapting the script through the rehearsal process to reflect Gateway culture and traditions resulting in a night of fun, laughter, and funds raised for a great cause.

Lauri and her husband Russ have three grown daughters, a very tall son-in-law, and one adorable granddaughter. Aside from her work at the Gallatin Gateway Community Center, Lauri works in Russ’s commercial construction office.

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