WWLA Scholarship

Gallatin Gateway $500 Student Scholarship

Students who wish to be considered for a Willing Workers Ladies Aid, Inc. Gallatin Gateway Student Scholarship must have received elementary education in the Gallatin Gateway area (Gallatin Gateway School, home school, etc.).


Application Steps

To apply, students need to submit the following materials to WWLA at P.O. Box 329, Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730.

  1. A completed WWLA Gallatin Gateway Student Scholarship Program Application form.

  2. A letter including:    

    1. Reason the applicant wishes consideration

    2. Description of unpaid community service/charitable work performed by the applicant, completed prior to submission of the application. Opportunities are available at the Gallatin Gateway Community Center (Contact s on our website or 406-763-4865) or at R.S.V.P. Southwest Montana (www.rsvpmt.org), 406-587-5444.

    3. statement of the applicant’s perceived financial need

  3. A letter of recommendation from a responsible adult, e.g., teacher, counselor, high school administrator, minister.

  4. For high school students, a copy of the applicant's most recent high school transcript is required. For applicants already enrolled in an institution of post-secondary education, a copy of the most recent college transcript is required. For those who have completed a GED program, a copy of the GED Certificate is required.

  5. A copy of the letter of acceptance from the educational institution for the upcoming term.

Items 1 - 4 must be received by WWLA by May 1 to be considered for a fall term award. Since the applicant's letter of acceptance (item 5) may not be available until after the deadline, this item may be submitted later. However, funds will not be released until all application materials have been received.



Scholarship disbursements will be made directly to the educational institution’s registrar in the student’s name. The number of scholarships awarded each year is dependent on the scholarship funds available.

Scholarship Letter

Scholarship Application

Contact the WWLA if you have questions about the Scholarship or application process.



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